We carry out original research, and use the insights this provides to guide organisations to develop in new and inspired directions

For each project, we draw together a bespoke team of individuals able to bring their expertise to the field of study.

Our particular expertise is in:

  • Conducting interviews and surveys, especially with clinical teams and healthcare leaders
  • Analysing and interpreting this work
  • Distilling our findings down into coherent written reports which draw out policy

Our experience in publishing means we can offer a publication-ready report to high editorial and design standards.

We have led a range of projects for royal colleges and professional regulators. These include: doctors in training; surgeons; chiropractors; and veterinary surgeons.

Samples pages from A Question of Balance: the Extended Surgical Team report, which we produced for The Royal College of Surgeons:


Royal College of Surgeons of Physicians (publication pending): Learning from invited reviews: 2014 to 2019

NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group  (publication pending): Our health, our wellbeing, our place. Bexley Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019 to 2023

Royal College of Surgeons of England (publication pending): Managing disruptive behaviours. A guide to good practice

Royal College of Surgeons of England (May 2019): Surgical Innovation, New Techniques and Technologies. Good Practice Guide

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (February 2019): Professional standards for community pharmacy literature review

Nuffield Trust (November 2018): Improving access and continuity in general practice

NHS Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group (September 2018): Greenwich Commissioning Strategy – Transforming our health and social care system 2018 to 2022

The Royal College of Surgeons of England (April 2016): A Question of Balance: the Extended Surgical Team

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeries and British Veterinary Association (November 2015): Vet Futures – Taking charge of our future: a vision for the veterinary profession for 2030.

Nuffield Trust (February 2014): The Francis Report: one year on 

Bedford hospital NHS Trust (December 2013): Independent inquiry into events leading to the withdrawal of junior trainees in Paediatrics from Bedford Hospital NHS Trust

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (April 2013): First Rate Regulator Initiative: recommendations

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society England (May 2013): New models of pharmacy: what is emerging and what is possible.